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That Sinking Feeling  12x16   oil on panel  (2022).JPG

  "That Sinking Feeling"
     12 x 16  oil on panel

Native American Woman with Horse    16x12   oil on linen board.JPG

14 x 18 oil on panel

"Going Home"
10" x 10"    oil on panel

Moorage Sunrise  11x14  oil on panel.jpg

"Moorage Sunrise"
11"x14"  oil on panel

Harp Solo  12x8  oil on panel.JPG

"Harp Solo"
12 x 8   oil on panel

Blank Elk  14 x 11  oil on panel.JPG

 "Black Elk"  oil on panel
  14 x 11       $ 580

Drum Beat  12x18   oil on panel  (2022).JPG

  "Drum Beat"   12 x 18
  oil on panel   (2022)

Fall Driveway  16x12  oil on panel.JPG

"Fall Driveway"
16 x 12  oil on panel

Herding Cattle  10x17  oil on linen panel  2023.JPG

Man Down at Gun 4
12 x 18

Two Scouts  (11x14)  oil on canvas board

"Two Scouts"
14 x 11   oil on canvas board

Winter Stroll         8 x 12  oil on panel.jpg

"Winter Stroll"
8 x 12  oil on panel

Sunrise in Washington Forest  16x12  oil on panel  2022.JPG

 "Sunrise in Washington Forest"
16 x 12   oil on panel       $ 820

Spring Driveway  16x12  oil on panel  (2022).JPG

 "Spring Driveway"
  16 x 12   oil on panel

        So Tired
 11 x 16  oil on panel

 "Herding Cattle"
10 x 17  oil on linen board

Wagon Crossing  6x13  oil on panel  2023.JPG

 "Wagon Crossing"
6 x 13  oil on panel

End of Day  12x16  oil on linen panel  2023.JPG

"End of Day"
12 x 16  oil on linen board


Idaho Cabin.JPG

"Doctor's Visit"
16 x 12   Oil on Linen Board

Deer in the Front Yard  12x14  oil on linen panel  2023.JPG

"Deer in the Front Yard"
12 x 14  oil on linen board


Leaving Port (12x9) oil on canvas board.

"Leaving Port"
12 x 9    Oil on Canvas Board

Taking the Field
12 x 22   oil on panel

Owl Flying.jpg

"Owl in Flight"
10 x 20   Oil on Canvas Board


"Yacht Club"
14 x 18  oil on canvas


"Sailboat Tied to Rock"
11 x 14  oil on canvas board

10 x 12 oil on board

Thompson Homestead
12 x 18   oil on linen panel


8 x 10 oil on canvas

Settler Doing Wash.jpg

"Settler Doing Wash"
6 x 8 oil on board


18 x 24 oil on canvas

Cowgirl with Rifle  12x8  oil on linen panel.JPG

 "Cowgirl with Rifle"   12 x 8  oil on panel
              $ 250

Peanut Aground 11x12  oil on linen board

"Outpost Flag Raising"
 12 x 12   oil on board

"Peanut Aground"
11 x 12  oil on linen board

IMG_2751 (1).JPG

 "A London Bridge"
14 x 20  oil on linen board
  $                (2021)


A London Bridge  (14x20)  oil on linen board.JPG
Indian Offense  14x16   oil on linen board  (2021).JPG

  "Indian Offense"
'14 x 16  oil on linen board
  $                 (2021)


"Burt's Furs"
12 x 16  oil on panel

"Peace Pipe"
11 x 15  oil on panel

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