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That Sinking Feeling  12x16   oil on panel  (2022).JPG

  "That Sinking Feeling"
     12 x 16  oil on panel

Native American Woman with Horse    16x12   oil on linen board.JPG

14 x 18 oil on panel

"Going Home"
10" x 10"    oil on panel

Moorage Sunrise  11x14  oil on panel.jpg

"Moorage Sunrise"
11"x14"  oil on panel

Man Down at Gun 4
12 x 18

Harp Solo  12x8  oil on panel.JPG

"Harp Solo"
12 x 8   oil on panel

Blank Elk  14 x 11  oil on panel.JPG

 "Black Elk"  oil on panel
  14 x 11       $ 580

Drum Beat  12x18   oil on panel  (2022).JPG

  "Drum Beat"   12 x 18
  oil on panel   (2022)

Fall Driveway  16x12  oil on panel.JPG

"Fall Driveway"
16 x 12  oil on panel

Herding Cattle  10x17  oil on linen panel  2023.JPG

 "Herding Cattle"
10 x 17  oil on linen board

Wagon Crossing  6x13  oil on panel  2023.JPG

 "Wagon Crossing"
6 x 13  oil on panel

End of Day  12x16  oil on linen panel  2023.JPG

"End of Day"
12 x 16  oil on linen board


Big Dog  9x12   Robert Stone.jpg

 "Big Dog"  Oil on panel (2024)

Horse Disagreement  14x16  oil on panel.jpg

"Horse Disagreement"  oil on panel

Sunrise in Washington Forest  16x12  oil on panel  2022.JPG

 "Sunrise in Washington Forest"
16 x 12   oil on panel       $ 820

Spring Driveway  16x12  oil on panel  (2022).JPG

 "Spring Driveway"
  16 x 12   oil on panel

        So Tired
 11 x 16  oil on panel

Idaho Cabin.JPG

"Doctor's Visit"
16 x 12   Oil on Linen Board

Deer in the Front Yard  12x14  oil on linen panel  2023.JPG

"Deer in the Front Yard"
12 x 14  oil on linen board


Leaving Port (12x9) oil on canvas board.

"Leaving Port"
12 x 9    Oil on Canvas Board

Taking the Field
12 x 22   oil on panel

Owl Flying.jpg

"Owl in Flight"
10 x 20  


"Yacht Club"
14 x 18  oil on canvas


"Sailboat Tied to Rock"
11 x 14  oil on canvas board

10 x 12 oil on board

Thompson Homestead
12 x 18   oil on linen panel


8 x 10 oil on canvas

Settler Doing Wash.jpg

"Settler Doing Wash"
6 x 8 oil on board


18 x 24 oil on canvas

Paramount Theater  18x13  oil on panel.jpg

 "Paramount Theater"   2024

Peanut Aground 11x12  oil on linen board

"Outpost Flag Raising"
 12 x 12   oil on board

"Peanut Aground"
11 x 12  oil on linen board

IMG_2751 (1).JPG

 "A London Bridge"
14 x 20  oil on linen board
  $                (2021)


A London Bridge  (14x20)  oil on linen board.JPG
Indian Offense  14x16   oil on linen board  (2021).JPG

  "Indian Offense"
'14 x 16  oil on linen board
  $                 (2021)


"Burt's Furs"
12 x 16  oil on panel

"Peace Pipe"
11 x 15  oil on panel

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